Latest News | PROJECTR | June 30, 2018

June news from Wellington.

Despite the wet and wintery weather in Wellington, it’s an upbeat time to be at PROJECTR®. Here’s the latest on the place, its people and current projects.

PROJECTR is home to some busy folks. We’re aware of a couple of residents working to deadline on some of the biggest VR experiences in their careers. The place is buzzing with creativity and all-round cleverness right now!

Earlier this month, our resident 360º video director, Peter Houston, had the opportunity to trial a not-yet-released 360º camera from L2VR (like this, but not this) on a major collaborative project we’ve partnered with the New Zealand Government to produce. The quality, depth of field and sheer impressiveness of this locally made, top-of-the-range technology blew him away.

Being able to trial this new prototype camera was absolutely thrilling. It's yet another way that being part of PROJECTR and the Wellington VR community just rocks.”

Peter Houston, 360º Video/VR Director

We can’t wait to be able to tell you more about this exciting first project that kicks off a wider XR programme of activity comprising development that involves many of our resident companies.

The power of Pure Storage

As reported previously, PROJECTR and Pure Storage have partnered to install a powerful Kubernetes cluster into the centre for residents to use to render VR environments and process AI models.

For the team tackling major photogrammetry projects at RealityVirtual, having extreme computational power provides endless new opportunities.

For artificial intelligence startup, Intela AI, the high performance Kubernetes cluster will provide on-demand AI infrastructure, enabling their team of data scientists to accelerate the development of machine learning models for their own product development and for client projects.

Two Strategic Partnerships

PROJECTR has been a strategic partner of the New Zealand VR/AR Association since 2017. Through this partnership, we provide a desk for the NZVRARA Executive Director, access to our events spaces for monthly Executive Committee meetings and for Wellington regional events and provide equipment and space for student chapter events. The upcoming NZVRARA AGM will be held at PROJECTR® Wellington.

PROJECTR® Wellington works closely with our partner, HP New Zealand to provide the latest VR-capable technology to our residents when they need it. HP has kindly provided HP Z-Backpacks and HP Windows Mixed Reality headsets to one resident. HP is also assisting VR Director, Simon Che de Boer and Sensorium with technology support.

“I can't thank Jenny Davis from HP enough. Assisting our resident startups to test and showcase their work on such powerful and portable devices is thrilling for them and truely gratifying for our PROJECTR team.”